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Wild Theatre Laboratory

"Everything is built on imagination. 

Money has imaginary value.

The world has imaginary boarders.

And we have imaginary limits.

If we want to change the world we have to start from our imagination."



In the Wild Theatre Laboratory we will get to know different theatre techniques, experiment, improvise and get wild. Wild, because we will surrender to the intuitive, spontanoues, creative, playful and free flow. Because our bodies will write stories. Because we will put on a red nose and jump onto the stage into the unknown, without a plan, unless maybe to fail gracefully. Because we might unleash forces we were are not aware of... Different physical theatre practices such as Clown, storytelling, the principle of embodyment, viewpoints or improvisation will help us to create our own worlds and find our own language.

Weitere Infos und Anmeldung:

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