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Bureau for transgression of reality

theater, play, magical performances and poetic actions

It's time to take action and to overcome reality. The Bureau dedicates itself to the radical transgression of reality using theatre, play, magic, performance and multi sensual multimedia spectacle. Our feathered and shimmering creatures are unstoppable. They left their parallel universe and started to ocupy everyday life, spread love and beauty, unleash madness and celebrate their magic rituals on Your festival.

Lilly Lovebell
worker of the month

Lilly Lovebell.jpg

Lilly Lovebell is working very actively on overcoming the reality through universal love, angelpower and pure light energy. She has just fallen to earth recently and has been sighted on several stages, in shopping centers and Berliner Spätis. If you see her, don't call the ambulance. Give her a loving hug and get enchanted by her grace. For she is bringing humankind a wonderful message. If you've been waiting for a sign: here it is !

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