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She is the circus director and the circus herself. She is the light, the orchestra, the tent and transformes into all the artists. When the lady in red lifts her skirt, a whole universe is opening up. 

Under her skirt, fantastic stories unfold throughout the evening. The puppets are dancing between her legs, they are conjured out of a hat or emerge from a glove. The red velvet skirt transforms into an illuminated ring, a sensual circus of life where anything is possible.


Schoßzirkus immerses the audience in a fantastic, crazy, sensual and loving world full of cabaret, stories and accordion sounds. Along the way, Clara addresses big questions of creation, life and death and all the circus in between. And she persists on the power of dreams and the power of a woman to create her own world. 


Schoßzirkus receives a funding from the Fonds Darstellende Künste and is currently being developed into a long version. The premiere is scheduled in March 2023 at the Puppentheatermuseum Berlin. Over the winter more work in progress dates will follow!!


Last Shows

02.12.22, 20h:    Puppentheatermuseum Berlin (work in progress)

"Sternenzeit" with Theater Anu (Clemenswerth Weinheim Delmenhorst | Leer)
Lange Nacht der Museen (Lindenberg)
Gassensensationen (Heppenheim)
Theaterspektakel (Zürich)
Performing Arts Festival (Berlin)
48h Neukölln (Berlin)
L'Art pour l'art (Hann. Münden)

Buskers Bern

Schreibhausfest (Bern)
International Virtual Puppetry Festival (Stream, Pittsburgh), Variedades Finas (Stream, Argentinien)

Press and Feedback

Göttinger Tagblatt vom 11.10.21

Ostfriesenzeitung vom 06.09.21

comments during the International Virtual Puppetry Festival:

„The most mesmerizing thing I have ever seen“  (Larry Roberts)

„I loved that world you brought us into. Magical is the perfect descriptor.“ (Caitlin Strongarm)

„Your puppets are so beautiful they have instant character“ (Roos Buskes)

„Holding them and starring into their eyes just holds my fascination.“ (Larry Roberts)

„Transfixing!“ (Mary Brenholts)

„Too, too fantastic!!“  (Peter Court)
„ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT“ (Caitlin Strongarm)


Stefan Behr, Theater Anu

Puppentheatermuseum Berlin 

Funde by Fonds Darstellende Künste

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